Alkaline fires back at Beenie Man

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Dancehall artiste Alkaline has responded to fellow entertainer, Beenie Man with a fiery Instagram post.

The ‘vendetta boss’ a short while ago directed comments at the self-proclaimed king of the dancehall who earlier this week made comments about the ‘Formula’ singer, claiming that the entertainer had cut all ties with his home country and its people.

While performing at the Galiday Bounce event in St Catherine recently, Beenie Man said Alkaline recently made remarks about being ‘done with dutty Jamaica.’

“Him nah do no show a Jamaica, him dun with dutty Jamaica, him nah perform fi we. Mi just want yu to know ah dat him say outta him mouth and oonu same one ah say ‘whoi’, mi just wan oonu know,” the entertainer said.

“People mi a one of the dutty Jamaican who like come a Jamaica fi perform fi the dutty people dem,” he continued before getting into his performance.

Alkaline and his team usually steer clear of confrontations and had earlier refused to comment on the matter.

But the artiste seemingly could not hold his tongue and posted a photo of himself to his Instagram account bearing the caption “Big p**sy Beenie Man me Know yuh? How yuh so lie.”

He instructed his followers to tag the king of dancehall in their comments to make him aware of his response.

Alkaline’s post has since caused a social media firestorm as fans of the entertainer launched an attack on Beenie Man for starting unwarranted beef between the two.

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